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Listen, Work, Repeat

6 Habits of the Most Innovative People

Our New Reality is Augmented

The 'Special Ops' Approach to Innovation: Tips for Creating Multidisciplinary Teams

Medical Device Product Development: Don't Overlook Documentation

Embrace Culture to Overcome "Zoom Fatigue"

Keeping Innovation Alive: The Road Ahead [Recap]

Navigating Turbulence

NS Named to Fast Company's The 100 Best Workplaces for Innovators

Northeast Ohio playing sizable role in new disinfectant product

Remote Possibilities: XR could be the future of socially distanced collaboration

The Disruptive Power of Collaboration

Innovation in the New Normal Webinar Recap

Keeping Innovation Alive: Webinar Recap

NS Leverages Partnerships to Produce Face Shields for Hospitals

What to Consider Beyond “How Long Should a Focus Group Last?”

Security in Connected Products is Now Everyone's Concern

Five Myths About Transformative Innovation

Thaw the ‘frozen middle’ of leadership for creativity to flow

Open Innovation requires a mindset shift

The 95% Commercialization Solution

Biomimicry: The Future of Innovation

John Nottingham at TEDxAsburyPark

Innovation is an "Infinite Game"

Empower Teams with Purpose

3 Key Takeaways from Front End of Innovation's Brightest Minds

Five scenarios suggesting you need a new category strategy

TEDxAsburyPark Preview with John Nottingham on “Getting to Wow”

For true disruption, be “Gritty” in your approach

Don't stifle cognitive diversity in the workplace


Innovation Due Diligence: Looking Ahead, Not in the Rearview Mirror

The Power of Culture and Leadership: Boston's 2018 World Series Win

3 Tips for Perpetual Disruption and Increasing Innovation Success

NS Biomedical Engineers: “It’s About Making People’s Lives Better”

Seize the Moment Between Meetings, That's When Ideas Take Shape 

Technology Empowers Innovation

Take Risks & Rock! — What Innovators & Musicians Have in Common

A little empathy goes a long way–and trust goes even farther

The Business of Play: Bill Nottingham and Brent Bushnell

Boundary Crossing with The Marvel Method

Musings: Where Do Ideas Come From? Part 3

Nottingham Spirk Out and About

Get Out for a New Perspective

CES 2018: A Viewpoint from NS

Your Not-To-Do List: More phrases that stifle innovation

Musings: Where Do Ideas Come From? Part 2

Lessons from Google's "Moonshot Factory"

Biomimicry, the ancient, cutting-edge science

Musings: Where Do Ideas Come From?

If I Knew Now What I'll Know Then: Data-First Innovation

The Business of IoT: What's your hardware strategy?

Close the Innovation Gap: Strategic Alignment vs. “random acts of innovation"

Disrupt Markets, Enhance Lives

Let's Change the World

Design is Collaborative & Relentless: A (360) Round Table Discussion

SXSW: A “Mini-CES” in Austin

Leadership By Design: Views from the Montgomery Summit

Open Innovation: Insights Provide a Roadmap from Ideation to Innovation

New Year: Resolve to Innovate More in 2017

Connected Mobility: CES 2017 was filled with moving experiences

MIT Sloan: Working Together Management

The Back End of Innovation is Critical

Microinteractions in Packaging Design: Detail-Oriented Design Pays Off

Lessons Learned: Disruptive Product & Business Innovation Go Hand in Hand

From "it can't be done" to "best of show": The journey of the innovative SmartMouth Mouthwash dual-bottle design

Location & Innovation: Cleveland a Top Center for Medical Innovation & Design

Innovation Perspectives: Designing for Seamless Care with Chronic Health Conditions

Top 5 Consumer Product Innovation Trends

Disrupt yourself before someone else does

The Business of Play: Bill Nottingham and Brent Bushnell

Troy-Bilt FLEX Wins Edison Awards Gold

Virtual & Augmented Reality: The Real Potential through "Soft Science"

For Product Disruption, Try Disciplined Style of Out-There Thinking

SXSW Interactive: The Front End of Innovation

Innovation Insight: SmartMouth™ Mouthwash Delivery System

Bloomberg Advantage: IoT Benefits Every Market

Innovation Navigation: An Interview with John and Bill Nottingham

What does customer service have to do with innovation? Everything.

Creative Collisions: The spark of inspiration for Vertical Innovation™

Innovation is not a thing we do on Thursday

2016 CES Highlights & Trends: Displays Transformed

2016 Edison Awards: Three Client Collaborations Nominated

MTD Named A 2015 Lowes Innovation Partner of the Year

Millennials Are Changing Corporate Structure — for the Better

A Mammoth Undertaking

Designing a $93M Medical Technology: A Behind the Scenes Look

Smart Business: Innovation Factory

Biomimicry is "Natural" Innovation

Freedom and Responsibility Culture

The Relentless Pursuit of Information and "Insights"

Innovation and Education: We need more "STEAM"

Troy-Bilt FLEX: Modular Outdoor Power Equipment

CardioInsight Technologies Acquired To Further Advance Heart Mapping Technology

Learning To Innovate By "Making"

The "open office" trend is not a one-size-fits-all solution for innovation

Maintaining The Culture of Creativity

Cub Cadet HAULER: Innovative Versatility

CWRU & Nottingham Spirk Partnership for Innovation

Shattered Glass: The Value of a "Soft Launch"

Engineer Opportunities: Elsie's New Car

2015 CES: Emerging Innovation

Hiring For Creativity

Commentary - "Goodbye, TiVo?" via

HALO Bassinest: Innovative Solution for Co-Sleeping

Forbes Reinventing America: Invest In The Midwest

Innovation Brewing in Cleveland

BioInnovation Partnership

Taming the Unruly Reciprocating Saw

Vertical Innovation™

Successful Partnerships Get Innovations to Market

Nottingham Spirk Spring 2014 Newsletter

Relentless Innovation in 2014: Commentary

Empowering Innovators Intel Film Series

Engineering Program Director: Nick

Zurn Aquasense : Sometimes The Best Technology Is Hidden

John Spirk: We Have to See the Invisible and do the Impossible

The Invention Machine

Design Team Project Manager: Carolyn

Create a Culture of Innovation

A New Years Greeting from Nottingham Spirk

Creating Ways To Make An Impact: 70-20-10 Rule

Keep Big Ideas From Eating Your Core Business

DualSaw recognized on

Spur Innovation, Go All In

Rug Doctor® Launches Portable Spot Cleaner

Key to Success: Innovation

25 Most Innovative: Urgent Rx

Sustainable Living Trends: LED Light Bulbs

Nottingham Spirk: The Church of the Game Changer

Exploradio Visits Nottingham Spirk

RainX Perfect Dose Car Wash Now Available

NorTech Innovation Award: Nottingham Spirk/CardioInsight

Innovation Insights Winter 2013

Easing the Water Burden

Innovation and Risk

In Innovation, Less is More

Lockitron - featured in Time Magazine

Ninja Innovation by Gary Shapiro features Nottingham Spirk

NY Times Interview Uncovers Barriers to Innovation

PackH2O Receives Popular Science Award

Business Hall of Fame Inductions

CEA Industry Forum Feature

Innovation Leadership Keynote Address

Warp Speed Innovation Insights Fall 2012

Medical Device Partner Featured

5 Keys to Warp Speed Innovation

Behind the Scenes at Nottingham Spirk: Bringing Concepts to Life

Nottingham Spirk Celebrates 40 Years of Innovation

Innovation Awards for Scotts Snap System

ViewRay MRI System Gets FDA Approval

Sales Growth Driven by Innovation

Walk of Fame Plaque Design

Revolutionary Lawn Spreader

Bill Nottingham Carries on Inventive Spirit at Nottingham Spirk

Cleveland Arts Prize

CamelBak Performance Bottle Makes It to Primetime

Toothbrushes in Need!

Lawn Care Innovation With Scotts

Open Innovation Partner

Made In America

Medical Device Innovations in Cleveland

Open Innovation Summit

NineSigma and Nottingham Spirk Partner

Freon Free Cooler Saves Energy

If Sustainability is the New Religion, Maybe it Belongs in Church

Today’s American Story

Ideas Made Here

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