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RainX Perfect Dose Car Wash Now Available

Are you tired of the large jug of car wash solution sitting on your garage self?  The at-home car wash process is now simple and less messy.  Nottingham Spirk and ITW Global Brands collaborated and developed Perfect Dose Car Wash - a 3-in-1 concentrated solution to wash, rinse, and wax your car with one single dosage.  The single dosage uses a water-soluble film technology, which quickly dissolves in water. The soft flexible container pouch allows for easy access and optimal storage.

Perfect Dose™ Car Wash ensures the perfect amount of car wash solution with less mess and less wasted product solution for each wash.  Drop the single dosage in a bucket of water and you are ready to wash, rinse, and wax your car for a beautiful shine.

Rain-X® Perfect Dose™ Car Wash is currently available at Wal-Mart and AutoZone.

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