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Amanda Beacher Featured in Clinical Trials Arena

Nottingham Spirk's Director of Insights Amanda Beacher was recently quoted by Clinical Trials Arena regarding the FDA's new guidance on "patient advisors."


Patient advisors: could they change the face of medtech trials?

By Abi Millar On February 18, 2022 | Clinical Trials Arena

Nottingham Spirk, a product innovation firm that creates consumer and medical device innovations, believes lessons taken from the former can apply to the latter.

“During the initial discovery and design phases, Nottingham Spirk leverages recruitment vendor partners specializing in healthcare to identify our relevant patient targets,” says Amanda Beacher, director of insights for Nottingham Spirk. “This is very similar to how we locate pertinent research audiences during consumer product development. Virtual insights methodologies allow a broader geographic net to be cast during recruitment, so if a medical condition is rare we have a greater chance of locating affected individuals.”

The push towards patient-centricity

Beacher applauds the FDA’s recent guidance and believes that infusing the patient voice into medical device development will eventually shift from a voluntary to a mandatory practice.

“Data linking increased patient acceptance and improved outcomes will catalyze this transition. Nottingham Spirk has been consumer-centric for the past 50 years, so the recent FDA guidance regarding patient-centricity feels familiar and prudent to us,” she says.

About Nottingham Spirk
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