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Nottingham Spirk: The Church of the Game Changer

Although Nottingham Spirk is not your typical office space, the atmosphere drives inspiration, creativity, and game changing innovations. Here at NS, all doors are open to the wildest of ideas, and employees stand by the phrase "anything is possible."

To begin, when clients approach Nottingham Spirk with a business problem to stay alive and relevant, ideas are already brewing. The NS Vertical Innovation process is simple and begins with the customer. Our in-house capability to conduct research from the customer directly is the key driver to assess the gaps in the marketplace. Industrial designers and engineers work collaboratively with the insights team to brainstorm creative and viable solutions to close the gap and give the customer what they need.

Due to team collaboration and the NS Vertical Innovation process, development typically happens in 9-12 months.

Read why Steve Minter refers to Nottingham Spirk as "The Church of the Game Changer".

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