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Innovation Leadership Keynote Address

John Nottingham and Steve Cashman Co-present Open Innovation Leadership Keynote

PHILADELPHIA, PA - The third annual NineSigma Open Innovation Leadership Summit took place October 1-3 2012. Renowned leaders and corporate visionaries from around the world shared their experience and insight discussing open innovation trends and case studies.

John Nottingham and Steve Cashman, CEO of HealthSpot, co-presented the keynote address at the conference.  Nottingham Spirk teamed-up with HealthSpot on the Care4 Station, creating a revolutionary approach to integrate telemedicine into the healthcare industry.  They discussed the innovation process, risks, and lessons they learned throughout development to create the highly complex concept of commercialized telemedicine in just twenty months.

Other Open Innovation visionaries who presented at the Open Innovation Leadership Summit were Jonathan Hague, Vice President of Open Innovation at Unilever; Fred Boekhorst, Senior Vice President of Philips Research; Ben Kaufman, CEO and Founder of Quirky and many more.

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