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From "it can't be done" to "best of show": SmartMouth package design

Packaging World, the leading trade publication for the packaging industry, recently praised the Triumph’s SmartMouth Mouthwash bottle, designed by Nottingham Spirk, for claiming the Bernard M. Seid Best of Show Award from the National Association of Container Distributors earlier this year.

The SmartMouth bottle is “unique in its product category as its dual-bottle delivery system allows the consumer to mix two solutions together from two opaque PET bottles—held together by a closure system and a full-body shrink-wrap label—prior to dispensing,” Packaging World explains. “That way, each time you rinse you have freshly activated the ingredients for lasting results.”

Previously, the mouthwash was sold in a box that contained two separate bottles, plus pumps, a cup and detailed instructions. Consumers had to mix the liquids themselves, in precise measurements, to release the odor-neutralizing zinc ions. In addition to the inconvenience, the package took up too much retail shelf and bathroom space.

“It looked a bit cumbersome before and it didn’t always function like it should,” Brent Dellay, VP of Product Management & Development at Triumph, told Packaging World. “Customer complaints were 100 percent about function, not the product. The challenge was that in order for the product to work, we had to have two solutions stored in separate bottles that are combined for the science to work.”

Nottingham Spirk’s design addressed every pain point, but was so revolutionary that several manufacturers passed on the project, saying it couldn’t be done. (This video explains how the dual-bottle system works.) Triumph turned to the plastic packaging experts at TricorBraun, who fine-tuned the design and found a company willing to tackle the challenge.

SmartMouth is available in major food and drug stores nationwide.

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