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Miracle Brands Sense & Dispense Available In-Store

Sense & Dispense  - a Nottingham Spirk and Miracle Brands product innovation - is now available in-store at Lowes, or online at the Miracle Brands website.

Miracle Brands approached NS about developing a hand sanitizer dispenser to meet the urgent need during the coronavirus pandemic. The result - The Sense & Dispense Touchless Hand Sanitizer - is a touchless, battery-powered hand sanitizer dispensing system. The system comes with a large or normal dose selection feature and an LED light that illuminates during dispensing. The 70 percent alcohol-based formula kills up to 99.9% of germs.

All packaging and point-of-purchase displays for this product were also created by Nottingham Spirk. 


About Nottingham Spirk
Nottingham Spirk is an established leader in disruptive innovation, partnering with companies to create thriving new business innovations that propel economic growth. Since 1972, the privately owned company has served as a beacon of innovation for organizations pursuing uncharted territory to accelerate growth and improve life experiences. Learn more about why Nottingham Spirk is a trusted leader in innovation.

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