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Innovation in the New Normal Webinar Recap

on June 08, 2020

Business leaders talk to NS about how they’re navigating unprecedented disruption

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Keeping Innovation Alive: Webinar Recap

on April 17, 2020

It's difficult in the best of circumstances to maintain momentum on innovation projects. Nottingham Spirk is asking business leaders: how are you keeping initiatives alive in the face of a global..

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Biomimicry: The Future of Innovation

on July 29, 2019


Northeast Ohio has long been known as a center for medtech innovation. But there’s another sector in which Greater Cleveland is even more dominant, though this is less well known, even locally: ..

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John Nottingham at TEDxAsburyPark

on July 10, 2019

"I'd like to have you remember the last time you saw something that made you say the word 'Wow.'" So begins John Nottingham's TEDxAsbury Park talk, Getting to Wow, on the Paramount Theater stage in..

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Empower Teams with Purpose

on June 24, 2019
By Bill Nottingham
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