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Ditto's Cutting-Edge Innovations Receive Industry Recognition

The Ditto Digital Pattern Projection System has been recognized for design excellence by IDEA 2023 and Fast Company's Innovation by Design Awards.

NS Retains Ohio IoT Talent to Grow Connected Capabilities

Nottingham Spirk has retained top Ohio IoT talent to grow its connected product development capabilities.

Ditto, Developed with NS, Debuts the "Future of Sewing" During NYFW

JOANN, SINGER, and Nottingham Spirk debut Ditto, the first disruptive sewing technology in 160 years, at New York's Fashion Week.

If I Knew Now What I'll Know Then: Data-First Innovation

Data-First Innovation challenges companies to define the richest and most valuable data they would like to collect, then begin ideating.

The Business of IoT: What's your hardware strategy?

With the rush to develop connected products, we suggest companies first focus on their hardware strategy by asking themselves important questions.