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    Hampton Bay Filter Fan Available In-Store

    The Hampton Bay Air Filtering Ceiling Fan - a Nottingham Spirk and Home Depot product innovation - is now available in-store, exclusively at Home Depot.

    Miracle Brands Sense & Dispense Available In-Store

    Sense & Dispense  - a Nottingham Spirk and Miracle Brands product innovation - is now available in-store at Lowes, or online at the Miracle Brands website.

    6 Habits of the Most Innovative People

    Most people struggle to be innovative more than once, but following these 6 habits will lead to sustained inspiration.

    Innovation Due Diligence: Looking Ahead, Not in the Rearview Mirror

    John Nottingham, Co-President at Nottingham Spirk, shares his thoughts on what companies must do to reach their innovation potential.

    3 Tips for Perpetual Disruption and Increasing Innovation Success

    Bill Nottingham shares his thoughts on how to achieve "perpetual disruption" by increasing creativity to innovate over and over again.

    Lessons from Google's "Moonshot Factory"

    We use the Atlantic's recent article on Google X's secretive "moonshot factory" as an opportunity to comment on radical creativity.

    The Invention Machine

    The Invention Machine, as referred to by Dan Alexander in Forbes, was originally fired up by Nottingham and Spirk in a garage in 1972 in Cleveland, Ohio.