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    Subtractive Thinking

    “Subtraction is the act of getting to less, but it is not the same as doing less. In fact, getting to less often means doing, or at least thinking, more.”

    Nottingham Spirk and Ingersoll-Rand’s Club Car Tempo Walk Featured In Global Design News

    Designers Nottingham Spirk and Ingersoll-Rand blend tradition and technology for a new handsfree, robotic golf caddie unit.

    Listen, Work, Repeat

    Long-term planning has never felt more like guesswork. But by changing the way we plan, we can adapt.

    6 Habits of the Most Innovative People

    Most people struggle to be innovative more than once, but following these 6 habits will lead to sustained inspiration.

    Keeping Innovation Alive: The Road Ahead [Recap]

    In our third roundtable webinar, NS asked business leaders compelling questions about what innovation will look like in the future.

    Navigating Turbulence

    Adopting a "growth mindset" in the innovation process allows for successes and failures, encouraging new ideas and risk taking as a path to growth.

    Don't stifle cognitive diversity in the workplace

    Learn why it's so important to champion cognitive diversity in the workplace from the innovation experts at Nottingham Spirk.