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Revolutionary Lawn Spreader

One of our business inventions is now available at national retail stores. The Scotts Snap™ System is a combination self-sealing cartridge and revolutionary spreader.

Scotts worked closely with Nottingham Spirk and our Vertical Innovation™ approach, to seamlessly combine customer insights, product invention, design, engineering and rapid prototyping at one location. Nottingham Spirk enjoyed working closely with Scotts on this game-changing product.

Already dominant leader in lawn care, Scotts knows that maintaining a market leadership position requires constant innovation for their consumers. Nottingham Spirk’s project lead is pleased that the product is in market ready for the spring fertilizer season. “Our Vertical Innovation process reduced development time and kept the Snap program moving forward.”

The consumer experience was the focus of every decision. “Ongoing product testing allowed us to deliver on real-life consumers’ needs. The result is a system that is simple and intuitive to use,” said the NS team’s mechanical feasibility expert.

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