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Empower Teams with Purpose

on June 24, 2019
By Bill Nottingham
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Technology Empowers Innovation

on October 02, 2018

We preach the “soft science” of products that just work — the first time and every time — no matter how complex their functions. Truly innovative technology enriches the user’s life, without..

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Biomimicry, the ancient, cutting-edge science

on November 27, 2017

Nature is the ultimate innovator, but learning from it requires a new kind of thinking

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CWRU & Nottingham Spirk Partnership for Innovation

on March 19, 2015

Case Western Reserve University is already one of the top-20 schools in the nation for research funding. But the expanding thinkbox facility will make CWRU unique not just in academia but the growing..

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Shattered Glass: The Value of a "Soft Launch"

on March 09, 2015

In May 2013, Bloomberg News declared that Google was “winning the innovation war against Apple.”

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