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    Lindsey Tufts: Associate Spotlight

    Lindsey Tufts is a graduate of the Cleveland Institute of Art. Prior to joining NS, he worked at Dan T. Moore Co., where he “wore a lot of different hats.”

    John McKenzie: Associate Spotlight

    John is a graduate of Cleveland Institute of Art. Prior to NS, he worked at Lear Corporation and General Motors.

    NS Biomedical Engineers: “It’s About Making People’s Lives Better”

    This month we are featuring our Biomedical Engineering Team and their thoughts about Nottingham Spirk's approach to medical device design.

    Engineering Program Director: Nick

    As Engineering Program Director, I am a Mechanical Engineer, providing traditional engineering support on small programs to very large ones.

    Design Team Project Manager: Carolyn

    Being a Design Team Project Manager allows Carolyn to step in and out of may different creative roles in the process of Vertical Innovation.