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Sustainable Living Trends: LED Light Bulbs

USA Today on Sustainable Living Trends that feature Nottingham Spirk

CLEVELAND, OH -   The shift of switching from traditional incandescent bulbs to LED bulbs (light-emitting diode) tends to be an expensive sustainable trend to the average consumer.

So, you ask yourself “Are LEDs for me?”  LEDs last longer, reduce the the cost of the dreaded monthly electric bill, and pay for themselves over their lifespan.

Current incandescent light bulbs are being phased out due to their inefficiency and replaced with LED bulbs to provide the ideal energy efficiency. LED bulbs last ten times longer than traditional compact fluorescent bulbs and last 25 times longer than incandescent bulbs. Although initial prices seem cost prohibitive to some consumers at $20-$50 per bulb, consumers will start to see a decrease in price over the next few years due to evolving technology currently being developed at Nottingham Spirk. Click here to read more about LED Bulbs Pay Off in the Long Run.


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