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Medical Device Innovations in Cleveland

Nottingham Spirk is featured in a USA Today article profiling the revival of innovation in Cleveland. Nottingham Spirk has increased their medical device portfolio by 40%, with clients such as CardioInsight, a biomedical start-up developing a vest with sensing technology to assess heart health. As the Obama administration is focusing on supporting industry clusters, Northeast Ohio is emerging as a leader for biomedical innovation, with Nottingham Spirk strategically located in the center of it all.

A local design firm, Nottingham Spirk, situated three blocks from CardioInsight, turned it into a lightweight, disposable vest with 250 printed circuits. "The fact that they were five minutes away allowed us to have multiple face-to-face meetings," says CardioInsight CEO Steve Arless. "You need to not only see it, you need to feel it."

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