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Successful Partnerships Get Innovations to Market

To position a brand as innovative, we’re always thinking ahead in order to get innovations to market

Nottingham Spirk Spring 2014 Newsletter

The quarterly innovation insights & analysis newsletter from Nottingham Spirk - spring 2014

Engineering Program Director: Nick

As Engineering Program Director, I am a Mechanical Engineer, providing traditional engineering support on small programs to very large ones.

Design Team Project Manager: Carolyn

Being a Design Team Project Manager allows Carolyn to step in and out of may different creative roles in the process of Vertical Innovation.

Innovation Insights Winter 2013

The quarterly Innovation Insights & analysis newsletter from Nottingham Spirk - winter 2013.

Easing the Water Burden

Much of the world still struggles with basic survival. PackH20 aims to ease the water burden with a better way to transport and store safe drinking water.

Innovation and Risk

Boeing’s troubles with the new 787 Dreamliner provide a reminder of innovation and risk being intertwined.

In Innovation, Less is More

Narrow down teams to those who own the project - less is more when it comes to innovation in a team setting.

Warp Speed Innovation Insights Fall 2012

After four decades and hundreds of innovation programs, we've learned there are 5 critical requirements necessary for rapid innovation.

5 Keys to Warp Speed Innovation

We helped CardioInsight take a breakthrough new medical device from technology to clinical trials in just 4 months.

Behind the Scenes at Nottingham Spirk: Bringing Concepts to Life

As anyone who has ever innovated knows, identifying a great concept is only half the battle. Testing and refinement are vital for bringing that concept to life and transforming it into a viable produ

Nottingham Spirk Celebrates 40 Years of Innovation

In August 1972, two award-winning graduates from the Cleveland Institute of Art decided to pool their talents and prize money and open a new design firm.

Made In America

There's been a lot of discussion recently about a resurgence in US manufacturing. Terms like "onshoring" and "insourcing" have been introduced to describe the return of domestic manufacturing from of