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NS Biomedical Engineers: “It’s About Making People’s Lives Better”

on October 04, 2018

These are some highlights from a roundtable chat with our biomedical engineers: Ed Barber, who’s been in bioengineering for 26 years; Rebecca Blice, 12 years; and Jason Ertel, 19 years.

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NorTech Innovation Award: Nottingham Spirk/CardioInsight

on March 18, 2013

NorTech Innovation Award received by CardioInsight and Nottingham Spirk.

NorTech recognizes companies in Northeast Ohio for their advanced innovations producing world-class technology.

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5 Keys to Warp Speed Innovation

on July 13, 2012

Innovation is a messy, unpredictable process.  And creativity and new ideas need time to germinate.  But time is often an unaffordable luxury.  So how can you innovate successfully yet still get to..

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