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Nottingham Spirk Celebrates 40 Years of Innovation

In August 1972, two award-winning graduates from the Cleveland Institute of Art decided to pool their talents and prize money and open a new design firm.

Their timing was less than auspicious as the country soon slipped into the 1973-1975 recession.  They had a talent for seeing the world a bit differently, though.  And they used that talent to develop inventive new products that opened up new markets and revenue streams for their clients.

40 years later, Nottingham Spirk has grown well beyond the two founding partners. The firm now has 60 employees and product innovation teams include experts in consumer research, strategy, product design, engineering, prototyping, user experience, global sourcing, quality control and branding.

Despite all the changes, the fundamental goal remains the same - to see new opportunity for clients and develop ready-to-market products that grow businesses.  That focus, combined with our unique Vertical Innovation™ process, has produced nearly 1,000 commercialized patents plus over $45 billion in new revenues for clients.

We’d like to thank all the clients who’ve grown with us.  We look forward to another 40 years of great client partnerships and groundbreaking products.

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