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Innovate your way to market leadership.

The EY-Nottingham Spirk Innovation Hub


Take your ideas from concept to commercialization at the EY-Nottingham Spirk Innovation Hub.

Bringing innovative products, services, and business models to market is challenging. You’ve got to answer tough questions: How are industry and customer needs evolving? How do we adapt existing offerings to better meet those needs? How do we design, develop, and commercialize new offerings to fill the whitespace? How do we transform our existing operations to support new businesses? And – most importantly, perhaps – how do we capture the most value as we do all of the above?

Given the constant threat of disruption and the rapid pace of industry change, you cannot go at it alone. You need access to an extensive ecosystem of business, value chain, and technology partners with vast experience in bringing new offerings to market in a speedy, scalable, and sustainable fashion. Partners who can help you envision future possibilities, bring outside inspiration in, assess your own capabilities, and plot out the path to business growth – bridging the gap from strategy to execution.

The EY Nottingham Spirk Innovation Hub brings all the capabilities together under one roof to deliver on the promise of end-to-end innovation – helping you identify new offerings, bring them to life by rapidly modeling or prototyping them, and then commercialize them in the real world. It brings together EY – a recognized leader in innovation consulting – with Nottingham Spirk – an innovation studio with a 52-year track record in product development and a 95% commercialization success rate – along with other technology and value chain partners. Together we can turn great ideas into real business outcomes.

EY wavespace™ in the Innovation Hub

 “Organizations make confident decisions when they understand the future they are preparing for and the tools that will help them succeed.”

– John Nottingham, Nottingham Spirk Co-CEO and Co-Founder


“The EY-Nottingham Spirk Innovation Hub helps companies move from abstract conversation and solutioning to specific, highly-tailored experiences which unlock the power of new technologies and capabilities in very pragmatic ways for our clients.”

– Jerry Gootee, EY Global Manufacturing Leader