Keeping Innovation Alive is a NS Roundtable Series, hosted by Bill Nottingham. Each episode will feature Guest Innovation Leaders from around the globe, from unique industries. We will focus on a unique theme, but always centered around Innovation. Innovation is the most important attribute for any company. It is important that every company keeps innovation alive in order to stay relevant and competitive.

    Keeping Innovation Alive (E8): Fresh Start

    In the eighth episode of our Roundtable series, we ask our panelists to reflect upon what the pandemic taught them about their work and personal lives.

    Keeping Innovation Alive (E7): Future Outlook

    In the seventh episode of our Roundtable series, we challenge three experienced panelists to give the future outlook of innovation in 2021.

    Keeping Innovation Alive (E6): Reinvention

    In the sixth episode of our Roundtable series, well-established brands share the need to reinvent themselves to stay competitive.