Keeping Innovation Alive (E7): Future Outlook

    Keeping Innovation Alive (E7): Future Outlook



    Embracing innovation became a necessity in 2020 as businesses adapted to the pandemic, creating major shifts in the way we work and communicate.


    In this seventh episode of our popular Keeping Innovation Alive roundtable series, we’re challenging our three experienced panelists from Bosch North America, Austere, and Dassault Systèmes to give the future outlook of innovation in 2021. Where do we go from here?


    Bill Nottingham, Vice President of Growth at Nottingham Spirkmoderates this virtual discussion. 



    Mike-MansuettiMike Mansuetti, Bosch North America As president of Bosch, in North America, Mike works to guide the company's growth with a focus on mobility solutions, cross-divisional sales, and new business field development. In past roles, he developed broad expertise in advanced manufacturing, operations, change management and the Bosch Production System.


    Deena Ghazarian, Austere Founder & CEO of technology accessories company Austere, Deena is an award-winning business executive with more than 25 year of experience driving top consumer technology and fashion brands. Before founding Austere, she played an integral role in building technology brands, including Monster Brands, Beats by Dre and AVAD.


    Anne Asensio, Dassault Systèmes As Vice President of Design Experience at Dassault Systèmes, Anne supports companies in their quest for new business opportunities and their digital transformation. With intensive experience in both automotive and digital industry, in senior management and highly innovative programs, Anne helps corporate leaders and managers to think in a more creative and innovative way and to act more like an entrepreneur.