Keeping Innovation Alive (E5): Reconnect Wellness

    Keeping Innovation Alive (E5): Reconnect Wellness


    In this fifth episode of our Keeping Innovation Alive NS Roundtable series, we look at how the coronavirus pandemic had many of us feeling disconnected from our friends and out of sync with our health. 


    We invited wellness and innovation experts to share their ideas and insights to promote wellbeing and health – physically, mentally, and within the workplace. 


    Bill Nottingham, Vice President of Growth at Nottingham Spirkmoderates this virtual event. 



    Bill Gaussa, Philips As the Head of Advanced Innovation, Bill leads a diverse team of researchers, engineers, and marketers to transform new ideas into new ventures that delight our customers. Immediately prior to that, Bill served in multiple leadership roles within Philips, including leading Strategic Marketing, Advance Research, Clinical and Global Product Management. 

    Dr. Michael Roizen, Cleveland Clinic Dr. Roizen is an anesthesiologist, internist, award-winning author of multiple New York Times Best Sellers, and is credited with developing the RealAge concept of wellness and aging. He currently serves as the Chief Wellness Officer at the Cleveland Clinic at their Wellness Institute, which is the first of the position of its kind at any major health care institution. 

    Nikki Fargas, LSU As head coach for the Lady Tigers basketball team at Louisiana State University, Nikki has advanced her team to the NCAA Tournament in eight out of nine seasons. Prior to LSU, she was   head coach at UCLA, and was named 2010 Pac-10 Coach of the Year. In May 2009 she received the Woman of Excellence Award from the LadyLike Foundation.