Keeping Innovation Alive (E4): Focus on CX

    Keeping Innovation Alive (E4): Focus on CX


    In the fourth episode of our Keeping Innovation Alive NS Roundtable series, innovation executives from Goodyear, Davey Tree and Wahl share ways they invest in customer experience (CX) to drive revenue growth and capture long-term customer value. 

    We challenged our three panelists (and our attendees) to Focus on CX and view innovation through the needs of the customer instead of the business. 

    Bill Nottingham, Vice President of Growth at Nottingham Spirkmoderates this virtual event. 


    Sandra Reid, Davey Tree Since joining Davey in 1986, Reid has worked in numerous corporate communications and marketing capacities, including video and communications coordinator, company spokesperson, manager of public relations and manager of corporate communications. In 2013, she was promoted to vice president, corporate communications and strategic plan administration.  

    Steven Yde, Wahl Clipper Yde has more than 22 years of experience in new product development, brand management, consumer research, and story building in consumer durable goods. Steven joined Wahl in late 2004, and in 2015 was promoted to Vice President of Marketing North American Division. Yde helped Wahl become the #1 brand in all four product categories where they compete.    

    Chris Varley, Goodyear As an External Science and Technology Program executive, Varley focuses on building partnerships and alliances that enhance Goodyear’s Open Innovation approach to developing new products and services — especially in the areas of environmental and condition-based sensing; data collection and analysis; and related consumer information service offerings.