Our Clients

Our clients are the leaders of their industries, or entrepreneurial companies.

All of our clients trust Nottingham Spirk because of our strong reputation bringing game-changing product inventions to market quickly and with proven ROI — Return On Innovation™. From Fortune 500 companies to entrepreneurial firms, all receive the same level of attention, efficiency and confidentiality. Our clients rely on our ability to see market opportunities and our 40+ years experience in all stages of the entire product development life cycle.

Medical Devices

From medical equipment giants to start-ups, Nottingham Spirk is a trusted open innovation partner.

Retail Experience

When products need attention, Nottingham Spirk gets them noticed.

Packaging Design

Most firms treat packaging design as an afterthought. We see it as an opportunity to make your brand alive.

Consumer Products

We’ve created revolutionary, new product innovations generating over $50 billion of new sales for our clients.

Vertical Innovation

Our unique vertical integration model means the development process is cut in half.

B2B Products

We’re equally adept at helping business-to-business clients introduce breakthrough products.

Keep Current

Catch up on the latest product development and business growth at Nottingham Spirk.

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Write or call, get directions to the Innovation Center, and stay in touch via our e-news or social media.


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