Structural Packaging Design

Most firms treat packaging design as an afterthought. We see it as an opportunity to make your brand alive.

At Nottingham Spirk, packaging is an integral part of the product development process from day one. In some cases, the packaging is the innovation. A creative package that improves the consumer’s experience with a longstanding product can open up whole new sales frontiers. Many of our packaging designs have won patents and reinvigorated under-performing brands.

To us, packaging is more than a pretty box – it’s the most effective sales device, at point-of-sale, for your product. We believe it to be an integral part of the product development cycle. It’s how consumers interact with your brand and will remember your brand when it’s time to restock their shelves at home.

Our Innovations

Try Me Package

Our product innovators devised a unique blister pack that allowed customers to “try” the product and turn it on when the button was depressed through the clear blister.

Twist & Pour Container

It’s easier to ship, shelve, carry, open, pour and store.

Axe/Lynx Pocket Aerosol

Designing the first palm-sized aerosol dispenser was challenging enough. But to reside in the pants pockets of young men, the spray head needed a clever lockout mechanism.

Fridge Fresh

This unique packaging design produced higher margins and more frequent turns over Arm & Hammer’s commodity baking soda.