M&M’s Personalized Printer Kiosk: Creating and Producing Custom M&M's on Demand

M&M Personalized Printer Kiosk: Retail Innovation

M&M Personalized Printer : Retail Innovation

The My M&M’s Personalized Printer is a revolutionary innovation that allows consumers to create and produce custom M&M’s on demand, providing immediate gratification and a unique retail experience.

Mars came to Nottingham Spirk to develop a retail concept for personalized M&M’s.  Mars had launched their customizable M&M’s option as an online product with home delivery but wanted to leverage our open innovation strategy to expand the program and provide an interactive retail experience with immediate delivery.

Our team of product innovators collaborated with Mars to provide them with an understanding of the consumer experience, and by designing, engineering and prototyping the physical equipment to deliver that experience.

The result was a modular kiosk with a unique display design that allowed consumers to produce personalized M&M’s on demand. Ideal for high-traffic areas such as amusement parks, malls and baseball stadiums, the kiosk enabled customers to commemorate a special event with a personalized souvenir they could take home with them right away instead of having their M&M’s produced at a remote factory and then wait for it to be shipped to their home.

Our talented team of innovators worked with Mars to understand the best part of their web based business where people were already purchasing their personalized M&M’s, and translated it into an interactive on-demand retail experience.

Mars introduced the M&M’s personalized printing kiosk at the Las Vegas M&M’s World, followed by plans for the Times Square M&M’s World.  Mars has since opened many other retail locations all over and now online.


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The My M&M’s Personalized Printer is a revolutionary innovation that allows consumers to create and produce custom M&M’s on demand.

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