Retail Experience Innovation

When products need attention, Nottingham Spirk gets them noticed.

We’ve enabled clients to redefine the retail experience through brand new point-of-sale experiences. Innovations include entertaining kiosk designs and a first-of-its-kind counter top refrigeration unit.  Behind every new retail design we think about how to create new sales opportunities and generate valuable new sources of revenue for our clients.

These retail innovations range from alternative, non-traditional in-store designs, to unique, patented point-of-sale merchandising methods that help products stand out in a crowded consumer marketplace.

Our Innovations

Mars Pure Dark

Pure Dark, a new brand and retail experience, enabled Mars to expand their revenue by tapping into the $4 billion premium chocolate market.

M&M’s Kiosk

The My M&M’s Personalized Printer is a revolutionary innovation that allows consumers to create and produce custom M&M’s on demand.

Country Pure Chiller

The Country Pure Chiller innovation redefined beverage presentation and location to increase brand visibility and in turn, generate significantly higher sales.

Cleveland Clinic

Cleveland Clinic’s 360-5 Wellness Program enables the Clinic to leverage its world-class health care expertise in an entirely new retail-focused direction.

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