Medical Device Design

From medical equipment giants to start-ups, Nottingham Spirk is a trusted medical device design open innovation partner.

The Nottingham Spirk Innovation Center, located in the world renowned University Circle area, sits at the heart of medical breakthroughs. The adjacent Cleveland Clinic and University Hospitals campuses allow us to conduct ethnographic studies on patient care and to test medical device prototypes with the most discerning medical professionals in the industry.

Our team of industrial designers and engineers developed one of the first magnetic resonance imaging scanners with patient comfort in mind, and we’ve recently built on that experience with a new generation of MRI technology. Our unrivaled history in consumer product design makes us uniquely positioned to guide our medical equipment clients through the two most prevailing trends in healthcare today — rising costs and the migration of medical technology toward end-use consumers.

Our Innovations


BTE Technologies turned to Nottingham Spirk with a very technical “wish list” to improve the Eccentron’s design and functionality.


A true integration of primary patient care and telemedicine.


An MRI-guided radiotherapy system that replaces the “hit and miss” of traditional radiation therapies with precision targeting of tumors.


The UroSense system our innovative team designed replaces manual pouring and measuring with sensors that read flow rate, fill level and temperature and transmit that data wirelessly.


In addition to designing, developing and engineering this breakthrough medical device, Nottingham Spirk’s team of innovators created the new corporate branding, including the logo, for CardioInsight and their new EC Vue product identity.

Blood Analyzer

A sophisticated workstation capable of performing all elements of blood analysis, while simultaneously eliminating human handling of samples.

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